Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hump Day Inspiration

Sometimes, especially when it's bitter cold like today, it's hard to get motivated to get on your feet. It's so much easier to just snuggle up and watch reality TV. Yesterday, I was feeling sluggish all day during work until I hit the gym and ran a nice 5k. I felt so great afterwards and reminded myself how beneficial exercise (no matter how little) really is. 

 So to brighten up this day and give you a little motivation to go out there and live the impossible, take a few minutes and watch the 2012 Sportskids of the Year. Brothers Connor and Cayden are truly inspiring, and show how love has no bounds. 

Disclaimer: My eyes got very wet, you may want a tissue handy. 


  1. I'm with ya! I was so tempted to rush home and curl up with a blanket, but I pushed through and went to my cycle strength (aka suicide) class..I'm sore today but feel so proud for sticking with it!

  2. What is it about cold, rainy weather that makes working out so tough? Impressed you knocked out a 5k though!