Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Five

This week has felt like an eternity. Luckily I have a long weekend coming up and although I have no spectacular plans, its nice to have an extra day out of the office! Here are a few things I am loving recently.

My beloved Ravens are in the AFC Champions this weekend. I was fortunate enough to attend the home playoff game in Baltimore but you better believe I will still be cheering on my boys (especially legend, Ray Lewis) from afar.

Calls from home
Sometimes, in the seemingly unlikeliest of times, you really just need to have a heart to heart with your loved ones. I tend to forget family is always there to listen, and Mom's usually have the best advice! 

First Snowfall
Richmond has had a seriously mild winter, I could count the amount of times I truly thought its really cold out.  But snow fell and stuck last night, it was a pretty sight. (Please excuse the poor photo I snapped late last night in my pj's)

Mason Jar Accents 
I am loving my new painted mason jars and hydrangeas combo on my dresser. I needed a little pop of color and I think this worked perfectly. 

New Workout Plan
I am starting to train for a 10k and started a simple beginners training plan, that I am modifying to work with my schedule. I have already ran/walked over 12 miles plus completed two days of cycling for cross training in 11 days, can't wait to continue!

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