Thursday, January 17, 2013

Big Girl Toys

While having a big girl job comes with a big girl paycheck, it also comes with lots and lots of expenses. Yes, I am talking health, car, and renter's insurance, car payments, rent, and all those little purchases required for living on your own (who knew I would have 3 hammers at age 22).

Well, now that I am bit more settled and have all my major "necessities" for living, I am really looking to splurge and buy a big girl toy. To help not burst my bank account, I have told myself I will not buy any clothes for the month of January, and hopefully til mid February  (I have serious sale issues, plus way too many once worn pieces in my closet).

The three things I am most seriously considering are:


I am camera-less. I have about 5 pictures of me since I have graduated college 6 months ago. While I am not one to pull out a camera at every opportune moment, it would be nice to capture some memories. Plus, I have a BIG trip coming up that this would be great for.

My contract is up, but I do NOT want to be grandfathered out of my unlimited data plan. However, my Driod is almost 3 years old and its about time for an upgrade. Right now I don't know if I can justify spending $200 on a new phone when mine works fine for day to day use.


My laptop from college is dreadful, and while I don't use it much anymore since I sit in my cube staring at computer screen at work all day, it would be nice to play around on something other than my phone.

Please, please any suggestions of what would be a good purchase!

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  1. I'm pretty sure that's the same camera I have and I LOVE it!!! Well worth the purchase and it's not too pricey!