Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday - Vacations

Just Peachy

I am linking up with Rachel to share my Top 5 favorite vacation spots. I LOVE to travel and hope to travel this summer after I graduate, but where to go? I am very blessed to have been able to travel so much and only hope for more opportunities in the future.  Going on a roadtrip or boarding a plane (which I will be doing in 6 days) makes me so giddy! 

5. Paris 
 I went to France Spring Break sophomore year of high school and loved Paris. It was so magical and as a naive, untraveled 15-year old, I relished in all the amazing sights! 

4. Cruise 2011 
Last Spring Break I went to Grand Cayman and Cozumel, and while I have been to both before, the company was what made this vacation. 

3. Rivah 
I crave going to the Rivah every summer. While I have spent my summers at the Rivah since I was 12, it is so relaxing to be away from civilization, have fun with family and friends, and eat great seafood - all right on the water. 

2. Germany 
I only visited a few small towns in Bavaria (southern Germany) but their charm was indescribable. I could probably eat pretzels everyday and walk around the town square every afternoon! 
Rothenberg, Germany 

1. Spain
I spent about 5 weeks studying abroad here and considered it a vacation everyday. I highly suggest Madrid for its great restaurants, shopping, history, culture, and adorable neighborhoods, you will find another surprise everywhere you turn! Granada is absolutely stunning and was a great combination of old world charm and modern city life!  
El Palacio Real - Madrid 

La Alahambra - Granada 

Honorable mentions - New York City, Chicago, Rome

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  1. Yep...we are connected at the heart when it comes to vaca!!