Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bid Day

Bid Day is one of absolute favorite days of the year. Its when you get to show off all your hard work to get amazing new girls, and let me tell you this year did not disappoint. Our amazing house board bought us a great pasta lunch (with garlic knots, yum) before we got ready for our "Sweet Home Kappa Gamma" theme! As per usual we had an amazing dance party before lining up to cheer the new ladies into an amazing sisterhood! 

New Girls Picture

My Old Pledge Class 

Waiting in anticipation for the babies! 

Family Keychain 

My Grandlittle brought me into the dance circle 

Dance Party 

Our family is looking for a crazy Great Grand Little! 

Welcoming our Recruitment Guides Back! 

Recruitment Group being goofy! 

Oldest Girls huddled up for warmth waiting for our picture 

Our amazing shirts "Sweet Home Kappa Gamma" 
"KKG I'm Coming Home to You" 


  1. Rush and bid week were always my favorite parts of year in the sorority!

  2. Yay! Bid day is always exciting. We didn't do spring recruitment this year which was nice to skip out on recruitment practice but also sad to not have a bid day! It looks like you had a great turnout and tons of fun!! I gave you a blog award on my page(:

  3. I just found your adorable blog! I was greek at Tech (still kinda am although I went alum this year for my second degree!). And I ADORE Kappa's shirts this year. Too cute :)