Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First of the Lasts

Today is my last first day of class ever. 

I cannot believe this day has come and soon I will be joining the real world with work, bills, and even more stress! But before I get too carried away I have lots of lasts to look forward to and many new exciting adventures to come. 

Last semester of college 

Last recruitment (and initiation, new girl week, big/little reveal, etc.) 

Miranda Lambert concert at UVA 

 Last spring break

Last date party's 

Senior Crawl 


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Moving to a new city 

Starting a job 

I am really excited for this semester, even though I am so sad graduation is in less than 4 months! I am taking Project Management (my in-major capstone), Business Policy and Strategy (Business Capstone), International Marketing, and Geography of Wine. It is my first semester since freshman year I am taking a non-major or minor related class, and first time ever taking only 12 credits! Hopefully I'll finish the semester off strong and have lots of fun along the way! 


  1. I KNOW THAT CITY!!! Hooray! Today was my last first day too! Hope you had a great day!

  2. new follower! i love that your school offers a course called geography of wine. i'd sign up for that in a heartbeat! :)

  3. Our semester sound very similar! I can't believe I'll be participating in my last initiation as an active this weekend! I just tagged you in a post- make sure to check it out!