Friday, January 13, 2012

Ball So Hard University

I am beyond thrilled that my beloved Ravens are in the hunt for the Lombardi Trophy! Although, I am also upset I cannot be in Baltimore Sunday cheering them onto a win against the Houston Texans. My dad, a season ticket holder since football returned to Baltimore in 1996, received playoff tickets for home games and I am so so so jealous I won't be able to join him! 

Instead, and why I have been so MIA, I am in Blacksburg participating in my last recruitment for Kappa Kappa Gamma! That means long hours, little sleep, uncomfortable shoes, lost voices but also sisterly love and bonding, recruitment songs, and meeting fabulous new girls.
My sisters are the key to my heart! 

I got this great BSHU shirt for Christmas and if you have not heard the famous Sunday Night Football introduction by Terrell Suggs, you are missing out. The starters introduce themselves and their university, T Sizzle, from Arizona State, stated he attended "Ball So Hard University" and started a pop culture phenom! I hope my boys can Ball So Hard and pull out a big W tomorrow! 


  1. yayyyy!! so glad to see another Ravens fan, only twenty minutes left until game time!! ball so hard!

  2. Ohh recruitment... so much fun but SO EXHAUSTING!!