Friday, December 9, 2011

Hokie Love

Another Hokie was welcomed to Heaven this past Thursday after a tragic and unnecessary shooting that occurred on campus. I was in my on-campus sorority house when the events occurred yesterday and stayed hunkered up with my sisters till the threat was over. Virginia Tech did an excellent job updating students in an extremely timely manner. 

It is unfortunate that this makes such national news and people feel the need to behave so poorly towards such an amazing university and community. If you aren't a Hokie, you wouldn't understand the pride and strength of this community. The shooter had no connection to Virginia Tech, yet the senseless act took one of our own, but in turn made us stronger. We will prevail. 

Please keep Officer Crouse's family and the Virginia Tech community in your prayers. Remember to thank all police, armed forces, and community members that risk their lives everyday to make ours a better, safer place to live in. 

We are Virginia Tech. 

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