Thursday, December 15, 2011

Done and Ultimate Wish List

I am done, done, done with finals! This was actually my least stressful finals week ever, and my senioritis did not help! I am relaxing for today in Blacksburg, then spending some time with family in Richmond before heading home to Maryland. Thanks to my senioritis, I found the cutest video yesterday, Jimmy Kimmel's I Gave My Kids Terrible Presents.

In other news, I have been lusting over these items this holiday season my whole life. If money were no limit, I would scoop these up asap. I do not get many presents during Christmas (this year I am getting Spring Break plane tickets as my big gift), as I am getting older and my parents already generously pay for my out-of-state tuition, but a girl can dream right? 

David Yurman Cable Bracelet

MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Bedford - Medium Dressy' Polished Leather Tote
Michael Kors Tote

Burberry Brit Quilted Jacket 

Jeep Compass or any new car!

What is on your ultimate wish list? 


  1. Those are pretty fab choices! Think how happy you'll be when spring break comes around and you've got the plane ticket to get there :)

  2. Ah! I love the Kate Spade bag. This year, almost all of my wishes are FAR too expensive. But, mine include Paige jeans and a gold necklace from Swarovski.

  3. Love the skinny Yurman bracelets and I'll take that jacket too! Congratulations on finishing- I did today too and feel SO MUCH BETTER and relieved of all stress! Enjoy your time here in The Mond over break!