Monday, October 31, 2011


I am a horrible blogger. But real life has caught up with me and I had to take a break from my regularly scheduled activities to put my life in order. Here is a little update on what I have been up to since I have been gone, bare with me! 

I left my college town for a whole week (Thursday to Thursday) for a little interview "tour" across VA. I had interviews in Tysons Corner (stayed in The Ritz-Carlton, nice!), Richmond, then Herndon, VA. The weekend in between I was able to visit home and go to Baltimore for a Ravens game. 

When I returned to Blacksburg, I quickly unpacked, changed and met some girlfriends for Happy Hour. After we headed to our favorite watering hole for our favorite DJ/dancing night! 

Saturday we had our Homecoming Game against Boston College. Although I missed all the Homecoming festivities during the week, I was so excited to see our Homecoming candidate Kelsey take the field and make us all so proud to be part of an amazing organization! 

Walking to the game with some of my sisters! 

Little tailgate photo shoot! 

Sisters at the game with fabulous alumni! 

After the game we grabbed some dinner on campus before heading to the bar to celebrate our win! 

Love all the alumni back in town! 

Kappa sisters (we clearly love rails) 

The rest of the week consisted of studying my butt off! After missing over a week of classes I was really behind, not to mention 3 tests the following week. 

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