Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kindle Family

I am so excited about the new Kindle Family! They are introducing a touch screen option, as well as a full color, movies, music and more with the Fire. Plus the prices can NOT be beat! 
The all-new Kindle Family, from $79

 I received the Kindle Keyboard (below) as a gift from my internship and have started using it after I bought "The Hunger Games" (sooo good!). I love the kindle because it still reads like a book with the e ink. Also, it is so lightweight allowing me to easily read it at the gym and carry it with me where ever I go! 

Who else loves the Kindle? Are you thinking of getting any of the new family of Kindles? 


  1. Kindle has really been doing crazy things! I have an ipad but I don't like to read on it because I am not to the point yet where I enjoy reading on a screen. I'd much rather have the book in my hand!

  2. The new kindle seems pretty cool. I have an ipad and love it. It's pretty cool to be able to download books in seconds and right to your ereader!