Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday Girls Night

I am lucky enough to have two of my best friends/sorority sisters live in my area after graduation. We make an effort to see each other once a week (sometimes more, sometimes less) for some dedicated girl time. Living in a small college, it was easy to get together for a quick coffee or make a fun day trip. However, in the real world, we all have jobs, commitments and live in different parts of town. It is much more difficult to organize schedule. Therefore, we dedicate Wednesday’s as Girl’s Night.

Depending on our schedules, we can switch the day (or even do a long lunch) and adjust the length of the event. But I believe it is something really important to have in the real world. We try to switch things up every week (although we have our tried and true fallback). Lately, we have also been trying to find more budget friendly alternatives too. I thought I would share our favorite girl’s nights as well as some of our bucket list items. 


 Nordstrom CafĂ© + Window Shopping
 Every gals favorite, we have done this one probably 5 times now. Nordstrom Cafe is great alternative for dinner since you are served but you still is wallet friendly and casual. Plus you can't help but look around Nordstrom after! 

Game Night + Pizza and Wine 
One of my friends has an extensive board game collection. Her brothers came over (so we had 6 people) and we played Guesstures. It was easily one of the funniest nights, you can mix it with tons of different games. 

Bonefish Happy Hour 
I tried to include a chain restaurant (but this can go for any similar place with good specials). Wednesday’s are $5 Bang Bang Shrimp night (which we eat as our meal) in addition to having great happy hour drink specials. 


Melting Pot Girls Night 
Melting Pot has some great weeknight deals. While it is still a little pricerier, they have specials like "Ladies' Night Out" and every weeknight at the bar is "Endless Cheese & Chocolate."

Kickball League
Join a fun social league that promotes sports, drinking, and being social. 

Picnic in the Park
There are a lot great parks to visit in spring when it is nice out. Take some wine, cheese and fruit or take some carry-out like Chinese and enjoy the weather while relaxing with friends! 

What do you love to do with your girlfriends? 

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  1. Pizza + wine night is always the best. My friends and I love going to DryBar then shopping for the day :)