Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Amusement Park Ratings

So now that my fun (yet exhausting) summer job is coming to an end, I thought I would use to my expertise for an amusement parks rating. We visit many amusement parks throughout the summer and after 3 years of working at Teens to Go I have defiantly raked up the frequent flyer miles of parks. If you live in the DC area, or even in the Mid-Atlantic, and want to have a day of fun read this.

6 Flags America
Probably my least favorite park of the lot because of its bad reputation. It is also much smaller ride wise than most of the other parks. It only has a few coasters but it has a good variety of other rides and a water park.
Kings Dominion
I have been going to KD since I was little so its always been a favorite. I think it is the overall best park for your trip. With a water park, kids area, differing levels of roller coasters, and other rides and games any age group. Plus in the last two years they have put in 2 new and awesome coasters.
Busch Gardens Europe
Busch Gardens is really pretty but be prepared for a lot of walking and hills. There are many roller coasters but most are larger and for a more grown-up age group. The idea of different countries throughout the park is really cool and has the best shows and food. (Has a separate companion water park)
Hershey Park
Who doesn't like a little chocolate? A great overall park with coasters, rides, and a water park, its great for all ages. Plus it has my personal favorite -- Chocolate World, complete with the Chocolate Tour.

6 Flags Great Adventure
New Jersey
I have only been here once but it is a huge and great park. It has tons of coasters, including the world's fastest and tallest - Kingda Ka (of course it was closed the day we came) and the 3rd ranked wooden coaster - El Toro. Again, due to its larger rides I would suggest it for older crowd. (Has a separate companion Water Park and Safari)

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