Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break Recap - At Sea

I am sad to say my last spring break ever is over. The anticipation of 13 great friends boarding the Carnival Destiny finally came and we were all so excited to get our bathing suits on and drinks in our hand! 

Well, lets just saw our cruise did not turn out as planned. To start, we had "engine problems" that delayed us leaving by about 2.5 hours, leading us to book it through choppy seas. Then as we see Grand Turk, we get an announcement delaying our arrival followed shortly saying we are unable to dock! Later that day at dinner, the captain once again had bad news saying we would not be able to dock at Half Moon Cay either! Even though we were all disappointed we made the best out of the situation and had a blast! 

Depart Miami
Relaxing on the pool deck in Miami! 

Waiting for the sail away ... which we never saw! 

Epic Pool Deck Dance Party before sailing away! 

There was an air guitar competition, so we nominated Kristen! You go girl (she hated us)! 

 Day at Sea 
Doing yoga on the deck (it was so windy!) 

Formal Night, with my cruise roomies last year and this year! 

Group at formal dinner

After dinner drinks, enjoying a show and karaoke! 

Karaoke-ing to Love Shack!  

Unexpected Fun Day at Sea
 (unable to dock in Grand Turk) 
Early Risers to get our pool chairs! 

A little rain forced us and our BLL to take shelter for a while! 

Sunbathing beauties! 

Previous Carnival Cruisers - We got a free drinks and entertainment! 

Our own pool deck party for Wine Wednesday

Even though we were stuck on the boat a little longer than expected with some rain mixed in, we took full advantage of lunch, dinners, karaoke, dance parties, sun bathing, Miami Vice Drinks, and fun! 

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  1. I'm glad you had fun on your cruise despite all the technical difficulties!!