Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ring Premiere

Last week was the Class of 2012 Ring Premiere for my university and I had a great time seeing my class ring.

My university is one of the few in the nation to redesign our class ring every year and has been an ongoing tradition since 1911. The Class of 2012 had our Ring Premiere, the 101st class to have one, to celebrate the unveiling of our personalized class ring.

Complete with cute shirts!

This is the BIG standard ring for the boys!
My favorite ladies ring, named loyalty, love the diamonds and I am considering adding my birthstone (emerlad) or a mother of pearl in the center.
This ladies ring is more like the traditional one for boys, which I love!

Our activity ring with all our university specific items! The other side has your school's (i.e. business) designs.

Can't wait for March, when we get our rings at The Class of 2012's Ring Dance!

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