Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Five - 10k Training Edition

Happy Friday everyone! I am excited for a low key weekend getting caught up on some errands and enjoying in the Olympics. I watched some of the Ice Skating Team Competition, Snowboarding Slope Style, and Women's Mogul Competition's last night and am cheering USA on to *hopefully* many medals.

This week me five is all about 10k training. I am happy with my progress so far, but next week will be the hardest so far with a four-miler!

1. I completed my first 3 weeks of my 10 week 10k training program. It is really keeping me accountable for hitting the gym and getting in my mileage/strength training. I had been in an ‘I’ll do whatever I feel like’ rut and not pushing 100% for my workouts.

2. As one of my cross-training days this week, I went to BOHO cycle studio here in Richmond and took the ‘body’ class. I loved that it worked my arms in addition to being a great cardio session. Plus the playlist was on point, Red Hot Chili Peppers plus remixes of some of my favorite current songs.

3. Speaking of music, I’m trying to find a killer playlist to help me get through the longer runs without losing interest. I usually default to a workout or my trusty Justin Timberlake Pandora stations, but they can be hit or miss, plus commercials are the worst. Any great running song suggestions?

4. I am working with a trainer on my strength training for the run too. I do 1 upper body and 1 lower body day a week on my cross-training days. I am hoping post-race I can up my strength training but for now I am sticking to the following regimen:

Upper Body - Flat DB Press on bench - Row - Lat Pull Down - DB Shoulder Press - Planks
Lower Body - Leg Press - Leg Curl - Walking Lunges - Calf Raises - Band Presses

5. I am really thinking a trip to LuLuLemon is in store. In the winter I rotate between my Old Navy and Gap capri pants and think I need an upgrade for the race (plus a little shopping incentive). I typically stick to cotton t-shirts also so I may look into a tank or slick tee as an alternative. Any tips on navigating Lulu for the first time?

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