Friday, January 28, 2011

Recruitment 2011 Recap

I have officially finished my second week of Spring semester of my Junior year. While its sad to think I only have a year and a half left, I have been packing these past two weeks with lots of fun!

We finished up sorority recruitment and came out with 52 beautiful babies. While recruitment is stressful, exhausting, and straining, doing it with my amazing sisters and bonding over the long days and nights makes it all worth it!

Here is an overview of Recruitment 2011...

My pledge class on Open House!

Unfortunately I have 0 pictures from Philanthropy Night since I helped plan/decorate and was running around like a crazy person, but here is the entire chapter!

Sisterhood Night aka Lilly Pulitzer Theme, our cute entry way!

Jessie, Krysti, Chrissy and I!
Sisterhood Chairs Past and Present!
(P.S. We all got adorable Lilly headbands and bows to wear!)

Finally Preference Night we wore Blue, our colors!

While I love Recruitment, I am glad to be getting back to a normal schedule that includes more than 4 hours of sleep!

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